Lifestyle at La Posada

Master the Art of Living Well®

Making the most of each moment, discovering your passions, finding success at every turn… At La Posada, we provide our residents with a wide variety of experiences to help them continue to master The Art of Living Well®.

Master Wellness:

Our expert wellness director helps residents master fitness by inspiring regular attendance in classes and by encouraging routine independent exercise (walking, golf, kayaking, etc.). Each resident also has an all-inclusive membership to The PGA National Golf Club, allowing access to golf, croquet and nationally televised tournaments.

Master Intellectual Stimulation:

La Posada has an affiliation with a number of nearby universities, including Florida Atlantic University, allowing residents to attend adult education classes. We also have a longstanding relationship with the Jewish Community Center, where residents can enjoy a host of lectures and cultural events.

Master Culture:

La Posada is close to the theaters, performing arts centers, and art museums in the Palm Beach area, offering easy access to stimulating performances and exhibitions. Cultural opportunities abound within our community as well, with a full program of enriching activities and presentations.

At La Posada, you’ll find people like you—successful, independent souls with a desire to thrive. This is a community that challenges and rewards those who are active, whether it’s pursuing longtime passions or discovering new ones.

La Posada has a vast array of resort-style amenities designed to keep you comfortable and engaged, but we’re also close to all your favorite Palm Beach spots. There’s upscale and casual dining, museums, unique shops, the symphony, The Gardens Mall, theaters, golf, the beach and more. We’ll even provide the transportation if you prefer.

Whether you are soaking up the Florida sun or soaking up the local culture, at La Posada, you’ll be surrounded by good friends and you’ll be creating new memories every day. You’ve already mastered The Art of Living Well®. Now it’s time to write the next chapter.

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