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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently updated their May 20 hurricane season forecast, predicting that this season will likely see 15 to 21 named storms, compared with the 13 to 20 in the previous forecast back in May.

At La Posada, hurricane season is top of mind year-round. The community’s hurricane plan is consistently revisited, with communication and education being at the center of keeping residents safe. When it comes to hurricane season, peace of mind can really mean so much for seniors and their families.

Our team at La Posada truly cares for these residents. If a storm hits, we work in teams; one team to ride out the storm and another team that comes in after the storm is over,” said Paulina Jacobs, La Posada’s assistant executive director. “During hurricane season, it’s always so humbling to see our associates’ commitment to the residents. We never have to ask for them to step-up, they want to help. And most importantly, they want to be here during a time of crisis. Residents never have to worry about who will be with them during a storm.”

The community’s location is a part of that peace of mind for residents. It’s not located in an immediate evacuation zone or a flood zone, which means residents are able to safely ride out the storm without having to worry about leaving home. Another strength of La Posada is its status as a health center. And when it comes to the electrical grid, the community is given top priority for power restoration.

The community is spread out across 21 acres, with generators located across the community to ensure residents in memory care and assisted living are never without power. The health center also has its own dedicated generator in the event the community loses power. In addition, the La Posada provides residents with cooling areas and ensures the kitchens remain open, so residents never have to worry about having a fresh or hot meal.

Preparation and education are key for protecting residents as well. Every year, a local meteorologist puts on a presentation for residents so they know what to expect for the upcoming hurricane season. The community hosts virtual meetings to review recommended protocols and how best to prepare. Like all in South Florida, residents are urged to keep a 30-day supply of medicine and other basics to maintain themselves in the event they’re without power.

The community works with local government and other officials to always stay current on storms. The Agency of Healthcare Administration (AHCA) also works with communities like La Posada to set statewide safety standards.

La Posada welcomed residents starting in 2004 and has safely weathered many storms. In the cases of Wilma in 2005, Irma in 2017 and Dorian in 2019, residents were able to safely remain in their homes while still receiving the dedicated care they expect from La Posada.

At La Posada, the goal is to provide the same level of service regardless of a storm and to ensure that residents are both comfortable and informed throughout the season. This means loved ones can feel assured their family members are surrounded by people who truly care and have the expertise and experience to safely weather the storm.