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When it comes to fine dining, La Posada Executive Chef Clay Bordan finds that the secret to success is to fully engage diners in the experience. At La Posada, a Kisco Senior Living community, no detail is too big or too small when it comes to providing the perfect meal for residents. Chef Clay and his dining team work every day to provide five-star dining services and exceptional food that keeps residents happy, healthy, and coming back for more.

Partnered with Forbes Travel Guide to ensure high standards in hospitality

Thanks to a partnership with the Forbes’ Luxury Hospitality Standards Training Program, the dining staff at La Posada is well-equipped to provide residents with superior servicehttps://mylaposada.com/2020/01/13/la-posada-announces-unique/ at any of the community’s dining venues – whether it’s casual, fine-dining or even at-home delivery, which was prevalent at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Everything we do revolves around providing residents with five-star service at every meal,” said Chef Clay. “Because of the pandemic, we learned to do that in entirely new ways, and as a team, we’re always looking for new opportunities to improve. There are many things we do behind the scenes to ensure the food we prepare is done correctly and with precision. Our residents deserve to enjoy themselves, and dining is just one way we can help them do that.”

Layering unique flavors while prioritizing healthy nutrition

While the quality of service is a priority, it’s only a piece of the puzzle. Chef Clay and his team are equally dedicated to ensuring the flavor and nutrition of the food as well. Bordan and his team must take health and wellness into consideration, as well as the high quality of the ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully considered as to what role it plays in a meal and how it will impact the menu. It’s this attention to detail that sets dining at La Posada apart.

“What we try to do is layer foods with certain types of flavors,” said Chef Clay. “So, if I need salt, I might add a bacon to it, or some parmesan cheese. If I need a flavor of a juice, I might use an organic celery juice to enhance a flavor of an ingredient. If I want a smoky flavor, we might actually add real smoke to the dish. These subtle ingredient choices let the flavors speak for themselves, and I think the residents can taste that.”

Chef Clay says his team works to get residents’ preferences and provide them with delicious options that also fit their dietary needs. In some cases, that might mean a heart healthy meal full of nutrient-rich foods such as fruits and veggies, lean poultry and fish, and whole grains, while for others perhaps gluten-free requirements come into play.

Providing residents with opportunities to make healthy choices – whether having a casual lunch or a four-course meal – is crucial.

“There’s nothing quite like a good meal, and at La Posada our goal is to ensure that every meal isn’t simply good, but great,” said Brad Cadiere, executive director of La Posada. “In all that we do, our residents are the focus. Chef Bordan and his team are diligent in their approach to provide high quality dining service. At La Posada, dining is another aspect of wellness and ensuring that residents are living life well.”

Chef Bordan recently shared his expertise in heart healthy cooking during a symposium hosted by La Posada on Feb. 23 in honor of American Heart Month. You can watch the recording below!

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