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Several studies over recent years have found acts of kindness produce double sided results. Both those who give and receive profit from spreading kindness. Many of us are familiar with the phrase “It is better to give than to receive.” When it comes to altruistic efforts, the reward center of the performer’s brain is stimulated, and the recipient is moved to spread positivity.

Improved self-esteem, empathy, and compassion are just a few of the many emotional benefits recipients receive from an act of kindness. Furthermore, giving also impacts physical health as it can reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and contribute to overall heart health, as well as minimize stress and improve depression.

It costs nothing to be kind to others. Simple or “small” acts such as holding open the door for a stranger, helping a neighbor carry groceries, or complimenting others can improve their mood and make someone’s day. You truly never know what someone else is going through; one act of kindness can immensely impact those who need it more than you know. Regardless of manner, the positive impact of doing something kind for others is paramount in our world today.

“Kindness is a core principle of our philosophy at La Posada,” said Brad Cadiere, executive director at La Posada. “Our mission, Kisco Confidence, is centered on providing a safe and secure place for residents to call home. Acts of kindness are a chance for us to come together as a team and echo the importance of that philosophy to the greater community.”

Throughout the year, La Posada residents and associates participate in a variety of acts of kindness to serve one another and their surrounding Palm Beach neighbors. La Posada’s acts of kindness have taken place through varied avenues that encourage everyone in the community to participate. Just this year, La Posada has hosted

  • Back-to-school supply drives
  • Nu-Step challenge: raising money for Alzheimer’s
  • Fundraising for local charities

The most recent recipients of La Posada’s acts of kindness were local hometown heroes who make a difference throughout Palm Beach Gardens community. These heroes included private health care aides, as well as construction and landscape company employees who assist the community. They were gifted cookies and appreciation bags, while delivery drivers were given power bags containing snacks and La Posada gear. Additionally, residents and associates took an offsite trip to deliver gifts and cookies to the local fire and police departments that serve Palm Beach Gardens.

“From the very beginning our community has been focused on caring for and supporting one another,” said Paulina Jacobs, assistant executive director of La Posada. “Especially over the last few years, we have learned how truly important it is to show appreciation to those who are dedicated to providing service to others in our community.”

Moral elevation is a concept used to define the feeling we get when witnessing or receiving acts of kindness. One act can create a ripple effect, especially within a community. When a person observes others acting compassionate, their own altruism is increased.

Many of La Posada’s residents and associates are members of various boards, as well as volunteers within their personal churches, synagogues, and charity organizations. La Posada’s combined efforts and resulting acts of kindness show the heart of the community, but only scratches the surface of how the residents and associates are intrinsically involved in efforts to benefit their own community and Palm Beach Gardens.

“At La Posada, we are fortunate enough to have a community of people that care deeply for one another,” said Cadiere. “The level of compassion we share for one another is translated into everything we do at La Posada and in our greater community. The opportunity to show kindness to our neighbors and hometown heroes is a valuable and rewarding experience that we are committed to providing throughout every year.”