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According to the American Physical Therapy Association, of the over 10 million American adults who use outpatient physical therapy services every year, most are over the age of 65. This is due to a range of factors, including but not limited to avoiding or ignoring issues that might be reduced or eliminated by physical therapy when they are younger and more active.

The continual loss of muscle strength and flexibility which comes with aging heightens proneness to injury. Additionally, as people age, they tend to lose flexibility, strength and often their balance, which can result in mobility issues, speech issues and even falls.

In fact, injury from a fall is the most common reason seniors require physical therapy. Physical therapy can be a pivotal solution in building confidence and mobility necessary to performing daily activities. Weakness, loss of motion, and pain are all health concerns that can be improved or restored through physical therapy.

La Posada, a Kisco Senior Living community located in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, provides onsite rehabilitation services for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy within the community that allows residents to have full confidence in their care.

Physical therapy at La Posada can be utilized as a means for recovery from an injury, but it is most often used in preventative cases. Once a resident or patient speaks with their primary care physician, the rehabilitation team conducts an evidence-based standardized test to evaluate the patient’s balance, flexibility, gait, strength and cognition.

“When a patient comes to us for physical therapy, we work with them to create goals that are personalized and achievable,” said Diane Maguire, director of rehabilitation services at La Posada. “Once they reach their goals, we help them develop an individualized program that allows them to continue reaching their goals and maintain their independence after the completion of their care program.”

In addition to rehabilitative services, the newly remodeled Health Center at La Posada offers 40 short-term or long-term residences with skilled nursing care for those who require rehabilitation and specialized nursing care. The residences offer a plethora of other amenities such as handicapped-accessible bathrooms, around-the-clock care, transportation for medical appointments and much more.

“At La Posada, residents have the peace of mind to age in place,” noted Maguire. “The therapists you work with in independent living are the same caregivers you would work with at every other level of care.”

The benefits to physical therapy are ever-growing. The number one priority is to ensure residents are active and healthy. In fact, in many cases, independence and quality of life are continuously improved. By staying mobile and engaged, the likelihood of health problems, like joint discomfort, are lessened overtime. Whether a resident is in independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing, La Posada offers a world of opportunity for wellness.

As a Kisco Senior Living community, whole-person wellness is at the forefront of care at La Posada. To achieve this, the La Posada team focuses on the ongoing development of residents. This is encouraged and expanded upon through various programs and amenities, implemented throughout the community and designed to promote all dimensions of wellness and motivate residents to engage in the art of living well.

Along with rehabilitative services and other amenities, wellness at La Posada includes upwards of 50 different programs that target each facet of wellness including game and movie nights, exercise classes, excursions to local areas of Palm Beach Gardens and much more.

“We want our residents to be at the forefront of their care,” says Rick Minichino, wellness director at La Posada. “We equip our residents with a surplus of amenities and programs, so they have the ability to take charge of their health and well-being.”