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Kisco Senior Living has strengthened its partnership with Accushield, now leveraging the company’s visitor management system in all 20 of its senior living communities across the country. In addition to visitor screening and credentialing, Accushield’s sign-in kiosks will soon include touchless integrated temperature readings and COVID-19 screening questions. Kisco will leverage this feature not only for visitors and vendors who enter the communities but also for all associates coming to work to help safeguard the well-being of residents and associates.

“This pandemic has heightened the importance of our Kisco Confidence approach and philosophy to protecting our residents and associates. We’ve always strived to give them peace of mind within our communities and partnering with an industry visionary like Accushield just reinforces our ongoing commitment to safety, security and health,” said Brian Grandbouche, senior vice president of Operations at Kisco Senior Living.

Kisco has continuously revisited its protocols and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic, following recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), aligning with the ever-evolving federal, state and local guidance, and in many instances, establishing protocols that are beyond what has been required.

Accushield’s screening questions provided by Accushield aim to take safety a step further and get visitors, staff and healthcare providers to reflect on if they’ve had any past exposure to the virus. In the event there is a case of COVID-19, Accushield provides a transparent record of visitors and streamlines contact tracing to help stop the spread.

“We’ve been using the Accushield system at a number of our communities, and we’ve experienced its impact firsthand. Coupling that with the increased COVID-19 screening and safety features, it was an easy decision to expand the partnership to all of our communities from California to Florida,” added Grandbouche. “It’s clear the team behind Accushield understands senior living and is committed identifying new ways to keep residents and associates safe.

By removing paper sign-in sheets and bringing in Accushield, Kisco communities will have a simplified and continuous digital record of everyone who visits. In addition to screening family, friends and staff, Accushield’s sign-in kiosks confirm all required credentials (i.e., background check, liability insurance, immunizations, etc.) from third-party healthcare providers and others working with residents.

“Kisco is a great advocate and partner in our mission to streamline safety. They are one of the most thoughtful companies I’ve worked with, and their attention to detail continuously stands out. Because I’ve seen how purposeful they are in making decisions, I know they share our goal of providing innovative layers of security,” said Charles Mann, co-founder of Accushield. “The technology really creates accountability and lays out a system of checks and balances, thereby creating a safer environment for everyone in the community.”

The system provides Kisco’s management teams with a wide range of tools and resources. Kiosks capture visitor’s photos, creating true visitor visibility. And in the event of a fire or earthquake, the system also provides a quick list of who’s in the community to ensure everyone is safely evacuated. Accushield also provides additional comprehensive analytics to track and report on all outside healthcare providers.

“Accushield helps give our residents true peace of mind. In addition to the fast screening process and COVID-19 screening capabilities, there is a clear expectation everyone needs to wear an ID badge, and that provides our residents with an easy and visual sign of safety,” said Grandbouche. “Ultimately, this is our residents’ home, and just like in your home, you want to know who’s coming and going.”