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94-year-old Dorothy Weiss is moving to the music! She says music and dancing during physical therapy has made all the difference when it comes to her walking and balance.

Weiss typically does physical therapy twice a week at La Posada, the Kisco senior living community in Palm Beach Gardens she also calls home. For years, she’s had back problems and consistent physical therapy helps her to manage the pain and strengthen her muscles. Research shows balance and strength exercises are the best ways to prevent falls. According to a report published in the BMJ, exercise programs reduced falls that caused injures by 37% and broken bones by 61%.

The team at La Posada recently took a video of Weiss dancing in therapy, and the video has been a huge hit. You can’t help but smile watching her light up to the music!

“The minute the music came on, I began to move! I began to smile and really enjoy what I was doing, it no longer was work,” said Weiss. “The music really keeps me going. It reminds me of when I was young and would play records with my friends.”

Weiss did ballet as a young girl and has many fond memories of ballroom dancing with her friends in the 1940s. At age 70, she took up tap dancing, but due to her back injury had to give it up at 75.

Weiss says the music has really helped her with balance during physical therapy. She’s found with the right song, her walk takes on it’s own rhythm.

“It brings our team at La Posada great joy to see Ms. Weiss benefiting from the magic of music,” said Linda Borgmeyer, La Posada’s director of rehabilitation. “We are lucky to have the resources to tailor our physical therapy programs to each resident’s needs.”

Watch video of Dorothy’s dance moves HERE!