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When it comes to health and wellness, the team at La Posada, is intent on creating a multifaceted environment designed to promote and improve each resident’s overall wellness by encouraging an active healthy lifestyle. This commitment to wellness is something that defines La Posada’s enriched lifestyle and state-of-the-art wellness programming. It’s for this reason the community offers a wide range of activities and programs, tailored to meet the needs and interests of its residents.

“When it comes to aging there is often a misperception that seniors are unable to continue doing certain physical activities,” said Rick Minichino, wellness director at La Posada. “At La Posada, we are focused on changing that mindset.”

As a Kisco senior living community, whole-person wellness at La Posada is at the forefront of care. To achieve this, the La Posada team focuses on the ongoing development of their residents, which is encouraged and expanded upon through various programs and amenities that are implemented throughout the community, designed to promote all dimensions of wellness and motivate their residents to engage in the art of living well.

Programs such as cardio drumming are popular among residents of the community. Using wooden sticks to drum on a stability ball in rhythm to music, this form of physical exercise can not only provide an outlet for self-expression, emotional and spiritual release, and deeper self-awareness, but has also been proven to increase both brain and heart health, improving the overall health of residents.

“At La Posada, our programming is designed around the six dimensions of wellness, which all positively contribute to enhancing the whole-person wellness of residents at the community,” said Jennifer Hicks, assistant wellness director at La Posada. “Our activities are designed to get a participant moving, but also for them to have fun and socialize. As much as physical wellness can benefit health, it also provides an opportunity for social wellness.”

The community also offers an abundance of amenities that are targeted to achieve whole-person wellness in all levels of care. Residents are empowered with resources that aid and encourage them to take charge of their health. This includes access to multiple amenities, such as an aquatic center, onsite rehabilitation services, a newly renovated state-of-the-art fitness center, and much more.

“La Posada is dedicated to ensuring that wellness is engrained in everything we do to enable an active healthy lifestyle for all of our residents,” said Brad Cadiere, executive director of La Posada.