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Henry Moore, one of the world’s most celebrated international sculptors, once said, “To be an artist is to believe in life.”

Most believe that art is life itself, providing a means of creative expression that gives meaning to life’s hardships, decisions and perceptions.

At La Posada, residents are encouraged to adopt this philosophy and make their lives a masterpiece through an enhanced lifestyle that enables them the freedom to explore their passions and delivers a means to share them with the greater community.

Creating art is beneficial for anyone throughout all stages of life. Overall, the creative process relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Art is particularly helpful for seniors and can improve their overall quality of life. For seniors, creative interests can be a form of therapy, utilizing the creative arts to help people cope with mental and physical stress through self-expression. Although art therapy is traditionally conducted by professional art therapists, many can experience similar results by participating in regular art classes or engaging frequently with creative hobbies.

“At La Posada, we value the creative arts,” says Rick Minichino, wellness director at La Posada. “Research has shown that creating art and engaging in art therapy can provide immense benefits for seniors like improved cognitive function and mood and enhanced motor skills. Additionally, art has the ability to provide an overarching encouragement for our residents to express themselves in a positive manner.”

The wellness team at La Posada crafts a calendar each month that is designed to target each dimension of wellness for all levels of care. This then provides residents with numerous options to explore their creativity.

Each month, residents are presented with more than opportunities to get crafty and tap into their creative side. This includes weekly programming where residents can actively participate in the community chorus, arts and crafts classes, painting classes, music therapy, sing-a-longs and much more.

In addition to these programs, La Posada has given residents the chance to share their artistic creations with the greater community for the last decade.

Recently, La Posada held its 10th annual resident art show, giving residents the opportunity to show off some of their best artistic works. All day, residents displayed their favorite creations, from watercolor paintings to crochet, knitting, woodworks and other creative forms.

Residents had a blast displaying the vast of array of artistic creations that were on display at the community art show.

“We have continued this tradition for the last decade because it provides a great way for our community to come together,” says Brad Cadiere, executive director at La Posada. “The art show provides our residents a creative outlet to display what they are most passionate about and allows them to share their gifts with everyone in the community.”

Whether a resident is pursuing a current interest or cultivating new passions, La Posada offers a world of opportunity. Along with activities that focus on the arts, wellness at La Posada includes upwards of 50 different programs that include game and movie nights, exercise classes, excursions to local areas of interest and much more.

“We have always operated from our principal values and beliefs, which means putting residents at the forefront of their care,” says Minichino. “We equip residents with a surplus of programs and amenities that gives them the ability to take charge of their health and wellbeing.”

As a Kisco Senior Living community, the staff at La Posada is trained to embody Kisco confidence and prioritizes the promise to put residents first by centering care on providing safety and security, health and well-being, and quality services. Because residents of La Posada are backed by a team of passionate caregivers, residents are given peace of mind and freedom to spend more time doing the things they truly care about.

“Our residents live a maintenance-free lifestyle that allows them the time to do things they love,” says Cadiere. “Kisco is at the forefront of a shift in senior living where residents are not only taken care of but also provided with an enriched lifestyle that offers many opportunities to stay happy, healthy and engaged.”