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When it comes to health and wellness, the team at La Posada makes it their mission to create multifaceted wellness initiatives that to promote and improve each residents’ overall health and keep them having a ton of fun. This commitment to finding fun ways to keep everyone moving is something that defines La Posada’s enriched lifestyle and state-of-the-art wellness programming, and it was on full display as the community recently observed Active Aging Week.

The yearly observance takes place to showcase the abilities of older adults and help change the way we all think about aging, and this year’s observance was also timed to coincide with the October 1 celebration of the International Day of Older Persons. Beginning on Monday October 4, the La Posada wellness team put together a number of daily events that participants enjoyed throughout the week, wrapping up with a “Senior-lympics” event and closing ceremonies.

Events of the week kicked-off with a lecture on osteoporosis and posture by Active Health, a local medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy clinic. This event prepared participants well for the next event, a cardio drumming class with Jennifer Hicks, assistant wellness director at La Posada. During the extended drumming class, residents used wooden sticks to drum on a stability ball in rhythm to music. This form of exercise can provide an outlet for self-expression, emotional and spiritual release, and deeper self-awareness. In addition to events such as the cardio drumming class, residents also enjoyed healthy treats like smoothies and frozen yogurt.

To conclude the week, La Posada organized a “Senior-lympics” which focused on a variety of events that participants could jump in and join without any need to train or prepare. This included regular activities already taking place like Wii Bowling, cornhole, putting and much more!

“La Posada is dedicated to ensuring that wellness is engrained in everything we do to enable a vibrant lifestyle for all of our residents,” said Brad Cadiere, executive director of La Posada. “We offer the ability to thrive all while living on one’s own terms and it is our hope that senior health and fitness day will further emphasize our vision for what it means to live well.”

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