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La Posada is gearing up to host the highly anticipated 2023 Wisdom Warrior Challenge (WWC) on Friday, April 14. The Wisdom Warrior Challenge is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire seniors to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and dispel myths about aging. WWC is a national event that is open to seniors between the ages of 55 to 105, free of charge, and is supported by generous sponsors who believe in the mission of the Wisdom Warrior Challenge. The event encourages seniors to challenge themselves by completing as many distances as possible through walking, running, or any other physical activity that gets them moving.

The Wisdom Warrior Challenge is not just a walking event, but a celebration of the power and strength that comes with aging. It aims to dispel the myths behind what it means to age well and inspire seniors to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The event is also an opportunity for seniors to connect with one another, build relationships, and have fun while promoting physical activity.

Jennifer Hicks, assistant director of wellness at La Posada, has taken charge of organizing this year’s event, from recruiting residents to organizing vendors, meetings, and training suggestions. “It’s hopefully going to be one of the biggest events that we’ve ever had here at La Posada,” said Hicks. “We work daily to encourage our residents to pursue an active lifestyle that gets them moving and promotes healthy living. We’re thrilled to bring the Wisdom Warrior Challenge back to our community to celebrate the importance of movement.”

Residents of La Posada have been training with their physical therapy department to build up their pace and endurance for the event. The physical therapy department provides comprehensive outpatient therapeutic services to treat a variety of conditions, including orthopedic and neurological conditions, vestibular and balance conditions, arthritis, hand dysfunction, and more. Additionally, they offer traditional gait analysis and training, pain management, restoration of flexibility, strength and function, neurodevelopmental techniques, and adaptive equipment assessment and training.

Ann Mayberry, a resident of La Posada, had initially not known what the Wisdom Warrior Challenge entailed. However, she shared that the organizers had instructed them to begin by walking around their lake and that four laps equaled a mile. Mayberry explained, “They encourage any form of activity – walking, running, even if you require a walker – as the primary goal is to get moving and exercise. It was a great opportunity to challenge myself, and I enjoyed finding out what it was all about.”

La Posada’s wellness department has provided their residents with several tips in preparation for the Wisdom Warrior Challenge. To improve their speed, residents are encouraged to practice the distance or distances they signed up for and try walking 30 seconds at a faster pace, followed by 30 seconds at a slower pace. The community informs residents to start by walking for 10 minutes every day for the first month, and then slowly increase the time they walk each day by a few minutes. By working up to walking six days a week and mixing in cross-training with their regular walking, such as trying a Fitness Class, Nu-Step machine, rowing machine, or using the treadmill at a small incline, residents can further develop their aerobic conditioning and overall endurance.

The winning community will have the highest number of participants who complete the most distances. Participants will then be recognized for their performance with an awards ceremony at La Posada and a National Awards Ceremony for the Traveling Wisdom Cup winners.

The Wisdom Warrior Challenge is an excellent opportunity for seniors to challenge themselves physically and mentally, to build relationships with fellow seniors, and to promote healthy living. It is an event that celebrates the strength and resilience of seniors and inspires them to live an active and healthy lifestyle. La Posada is proud to host this event and looks forward to seeing its residents and participants push themselves to new heights.