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March is Women’s History Month, and to celebrate, La Posada is thrilled to recognize several inspiring women in the community who share their time and talents to help others. Many of the women who call the community home or who work there possess expertise, skills and experience that help enrich the lives of those around them. Some of these women are residents who engage and volunteer in various activities and form bonds with fellow residents that foster a strong sense of community. Others are La Posada associates who are committed to making the lives of all their residents fulfilling and joyful.

One such remarkable resident, Heather Liddle, is a respected member of the La Posada community. Liddle has served as the President of the Resident Council, several times in the past ten years. She has worked to focus on all aspects of life at La Posada, from healthcare and safety measures to activities and programs. Liddle’s dedication to La Posada has helped to ensure that residents remain informed and involved in decision-making about the community. As an excellent communicator, she shares information and updates regularly with residents and relays their feedback to the management team. Her commitment to ensuring that La Posada remains an incredible place to call home, is a testament to her leadership skills and her love for her fellow residents.

Like Heather, Carol Sharp is a highly respected member of the community. Carol had a highly successful career as a translator at the United Nations before returning to Columbia University to become a teacher. She found great fulfillment in teaching and loved the connections she made with her students and their families. Sharp’s passion for lifelong learning and dedication to helping others makes her a valuable member of the La Posada community. She continues to pursue her interests with the support of those around her. Sharp maintains a robust schedule at the community, participating in various volunteer activities where she helps the community shine relative to its philanthropic efforts.

Associates at La Posada are just as remarkable as the residents. They strive to cultivate programs and services that allow each resident to remain engaged and fulfilled daily. Jennifer Hicks is one of La Posada’s incredible associates, serving as the community’s assistant wellness director. Hicks is committed to helping residents achieve whole-person wellness, and she employs the six dimensions of wellness – physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and vocational wellness – to accomplish that. She understands that wellness is a multifaceted concept, and she places a high priority on residents staying physically and mentally active and socially connected. Her resolute dedication and attentive approach to her work are only outweighed by her passion for helping her residents lead fulfilling and enriched lifestyles.

Another valuable member of the La Posada team, Lili Perez, is an enthusiastic and committed professional responsible for overseeing all aspects of marketing and admissions for the community’s many services, including assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation. In addition to her marketing duties, Perez also works to build and maintain strong relationships with local physicians and hospitals to ensure they remain aware of La Posada’s high-quality care and services available to their patients. With her commitment to excellence and focus on building strong relationships, Perez plays a vital role in helping to ensure that the Health Center at La Posada can meet the needs of the residents.

La Posada is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month by recognizing the inspiring women – residents and team members alike – who make a positive impact on so many in the community. The women featured in this piece represent just a few of the many inspiring individuals who contribute to La Posada’s vibrant lifestyle and help those around them flourish.