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La Posada residents and staff were treated to an amazing and fun time thanks to the recent resident show. The annual resident-led theatre performance and showcase was organized by La Posada Resident, Shirley Arkin. Shirley has been producing and performing shows for over 40 years, and since moving to the senior living community 13 years ago, she has produced around 40 shows that brought together casts made up of residents, staff and special guests.

This year, Arkin re-wrote “The Speak Easy Times” with wellness assistant Ryan Gill to include a collective cast of La Posada residents, staff, and special guests who performed the show twice. The story line of this year’s production centered on prohibition during the roaring twenties, highlighting the tales and factual history of speakeasy clubs and their purpose. The collaboration took weeks to arrange, from choosing the proper music, to finding costumes and set pieces, writing and re-writing the script – with individual rehearsals and two large all-cast rehearsals included.

“Performing is simply in my blood and something I’m very passionate about,” says Arkin. “Being able to continue something that is such an important aspect of my life is incredibly meaningful. I’m grateful for the ability to share with our community. It takes a village each year to organize the production, but it’s always hard work rewarded with a good performance.”

Brad Cadiere, executive director of La Posada, stressed how much everyone at the community cares about facilitating (and even participating in) these kinds of resident-led activities and initiatives.

“We encourage all of our residents to pursue those endeavors that give them purpose, and the annual resident show is the perfect example of that mindset.” says Cadiere. “Our aim is to ensure that our residents are able to thrive and enjoy all the best that life can offer. Shirley’s annual efforts bring our entire community in a fun and creative way that enables us all to enjoy time together and appreciate the life she’s led.”

A major a part of The Art of Living Well® philosophy is making sure all residents have ample opportunities to strengthen their minds, bodies and spirits at all levels of community life. The annual resident show is just one more example of how that’s happening!